The Mysterious Banshee Variation

The Mysterious Banshee Variation showed as teaser at the GunPla Expo World Tour Japan on November 22, 2012. 

I have been observing this secret model kit until I got the high quality photograph from Gtoys Blog this morning. The photo was taken in normal position with the kit accidentally fell to the translucent glass. that reminded me my HGUC Unicorn Gundam and other HGUC banshee likes to fall like that when in standing position. Bandai must have made some mistake with the polycaps of the feet.

well after all that, I've placed my HGUC Banshee in standing position in couple of minutes and waited until it drops its body like in the picture below.

info added December 20, 2012

Bandai Revealed a promotional poster for the upcoming MG 1/100 Armed Armor DE that will be released exclusively with Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bande Dessinee Vol. 8 on March 2, 2013 for 1,260 Yen.

the shield would be {of course} in normal mode AKA unicorn mode.

the prototype also looks lke that it is carrying a beam rifle and shield...if that's the case, could it be the novel version? but why would bandai do that because we already have the shield and beam rifle molded in HGUC Banshee (Destroy Mode) and the Bazooka for the HGUC Banshee (Unicorn Mode).

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