The Mecha Model Guide by Derick SIu.

 Hello there everyone! Today I have something very cool to show to you all!

 What would that something be?  It is the Mecha Model Guide by Derick SIu (AKA Gdx9902) who has had some of his excellent Gunpla builds shown on our website over the last couple of weeks!

He and his publishing crew at MonoEye Press have been working very hard on this project for some time now for the purposes of aiding those who wish to get into the hobby but do not know where to begin!    

 I will be showing you some of the pages and giving a run down on how everything is set up and I shall provide a safe download link to the preview chapter for you to see at the bottom of the post!

  Please do keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and what you see here are promotional chapters, the actual finalized version will have quite a few revisions and updates!

 Any typos,spelling errors or any other issues you may find have been or are in the processing of being corrected.

 Image resolution has been intentionally lowered for the safety of Gdx9902 & MonoEye Press.  

Righto! Well, getting right into it, as I previously stated this guide is being created to help beginners who wish to jump into this hobby be it Gunpla or any Mecha type model kit.
It covers basic procedures and essential modeling techniques in a very calm and organized manner that is sure to be a treat for the reader!  Before getting on to my next points I shall show you some examples bellow!

        You will notice that on the bottom of many of the pages you can find helpful hints,tips and safety measures for your building! Derick and his crew at MonoEyePress have put quite a bit of effort and care into the creation of this guide and I am quite hopeful for its future. 

 The guide will be sold as a digital download and will also be available in paper-back form via Amazon on a print on demand basis.  

   Bellow you will find a link to Justinius Builds thoughts on the book as well as mine.  
 Following that will be a media-fire link that will let you download the promotional guide seen here. 

 We would all love to here some community feedback on this so please do not hesitate to drop your opinions bellow or on the corresponding  Facebook post!   I thank you all for giving this a read and I do hope you have enjoyed what you have seen thus far!    I will send out another update post as the release date for this guide draws nearer.    - Dave

            Justinius-Builds look at the guide
             Dave's look at the guide

      Link to the Promo-Chapter!- [Media-Fire]

    Link to the MonoEye-Press Facebook page

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