new Gundam TryAge: Zeon no Kobo Set 1 starts

Gundam TryAge's "Zeon no Kobo Set 1" begins operation October 4th!

"Zeon no Kobo Set 1" adds a revised card format, "Dramatic UC Missions" allowing fans to relive Universal Century history from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam UC, and "Type Inheritance" allowing suits in the RX and AGE series to share levels.

■ Relive UC history with "Dramatic UC Missions"!
The Dramatic UC Mission mode consists of 15 missions, spanning the period of Mobile Suit Gundam through Mobile Suit Gundam UC.
Experience characters like Char giving mission briefings, and affect the course of battles with your exploits. Clear all the missions to unlock Practice Mode, where you can revisit your conquests!
Your squadron can carve a new chapter into UC history!

["Amuro's Haro" present]
Register a new smartcard while the set is active,
and you'll receive an "Amuro's Haro" option part.
[Start Dash Campaign]
Play between 10/5 and 10/5 to receive double MS experience.
[Free MS Art Campaign]
Between 10/4 and 10/15, the official site will
feature "MS Art Wallpapers".
They change daily, so check back and collect them all!

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