Gage-ing Haro Review and Instructions by GKC

Gage-ing Haro Review and Instructions

Hi guys! finally, I got the Gage-ing
Haro and done playing with it in couple of hours. To me it's really addicting, even though it's like playing with a Brick Game, it is still fun!

You will need your AG (Advanced Grade) 1/144 Model kits to play with it.
I am still in progress on how to connect the Gage-ing device to Gage-ing Haro, but once I get the trick, I will show you guys how to do the connection of the two devices too!.

Let's start...

so basivally, Gage-ing Haro is like a super high tech play device except it doesn't have the awesome graphics.

The Hardware will require you 3 AAA Batteries to operate. Reminder about batteries (do not put 3 different Battery brand in the Hardware or it will damage it or hard you as well)

When you Open the Haro's Mouth, it will prompt you to set the time, just keep on pressin the up or down button to adjust the hours, once you are done with the hours number press the O (circle) button, and the device will now allow you to set the "minutes" and just do the same thing as you did in hours, once you are set, just press circle. (if you did something wrong with the time setup just press X Button.)

the Setup

When you are done with everything, the device will now prompt you to the main menu.

here's the setup of the main menu

Press any key to continue only if you are seeing a rotating menu. (that's the screen saver)

once you pressed any key, it will prompt you to a random menu.

here are some directions...

  • MS with A inside the cascading folder (I call it MS Config) you get the point!
             - inside the MS Config Menu (it will show you the default MS, which is Genoace)
                             ---GB (GAGE-ING BUILDER)
                                        -MS that you have scanned will appear in this section
                                              -- Torso or Core
                                              -- Right Arm
                                              -- Left Arm
                                              -- Legs
                             ---AG (ADVANCED GRADE) (it will show you the default MS, which is Genoace)
                                        -MS that you have scanned will appear in this section
                                        - collect more AG GunPlas to expand the library

  • Menu with Beam Riffle icon on the top right
                  - Press O
                              - device will ask you something and will provide 2 options

                  - if you choose the option on the LEFT
                              - device will look for your GAGE-ing Device
                  - if you choose the option on the RIGHT
                              - device will prompt you to your STATS, showing you current level, HP and overall
                              - Press O Again
                                          -- Device will now go to your story progress (this is where you gain experience)
                                              Use up and Down arrow buttons to choose levels and confirm with O
                                          -- once you chose the level, the device will prompt you to another 2 options
                                                       OPTION 1 - DEVICE WILL ASK YOU TO SCAN 3 AG GUNPLAS

  • Menu with Gage-ing device on the bottom left corner
                 - Device will look for your GAGE-Ing Device

  • Setup Menu, the one with Haro Haro and Setup Wrench icon. pretty straight forward.
                - Time
                - Sound
                       -- ON  OFF
                - Screen Color
                - Reset the Device
                        -- <<<<Yes            No>>>>
Gage-ing Haro is hard to acquire unless you can shop online and buy it from Japanese store or Ebay. I got this one from for about 1,700 Yen.

It took me a while to figure out what's going on, and finally managed it to play with my AG kits. The game is basically about how fast you press the circle button, and how faster your Mobile Suit/ Gundam.


  • fun to play if you have variety of AG kits.
  • it will also encourage you to buy more AG GunPlas.
  • the device is portable
  • it came with a plastic stand for display purpose only.
  • confusing menus. (feel free to ask questions by commenting if you need help!)
  • annoying sounds, can't adjust the volume (you can only turn it on or off)
and I think that's it!
I will try to figure out how to connect the gage-ing device to it next time!

the device is waiting for the AG kit to be scanned

keep on pressing O button if you want to skip animation



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