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just another trip with Char's Zaku II at the Char x Auris Expo :D
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■ Char Custom Auris stage event to be held tomorrow at MEGA WEB! 
The Char Custom Auris Concept will be displayed at MEGA WEB on the 7th and 8th. 
Plus, tomorrow at 3:30, you can see a talk show event and win a chance to ride in the concept car itself! 

Along with staff from the Char Custom Auris project, Gundam celebs Osamu Wakai and Numacchi will also be there. 
A rock-paper-scissors tournament will also be held to determine who'll be the first to ride in the Char Custom Auris Concept! 

Come and see the Char Custom Auris in Odaiba! 

For more info, visit the Odaiba Gakuensai 2012 site or the MEGA WEB site.

<Char Custom Auris Concept special exhibition>
■ 10/7
At Odaiba MEGA WEB

[Stage Event]
Talk show and Char Custom Auris rider selection

・ Times
3:30 - 4:00 (30 minutes)

・ Guests
Sunrise: Shigeru Horiguchi (Life-size Gundam Creative Producer)
Toyota Modellista International: Masahiro Matsumoto (Char Custom Auris designer)
Gundam celebs: Osamu Wakai, Numacchi

[Char Custom Auris Concept ride-along]
・ Times
4:20 - 4:50 ・ Limited to those selected in the rock-paper-scissors tournament at the stage event

■ 10/8
At Odaiba MEGA WEB

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