SD Gundam G Generation Over World release reminder info

Will be released on Thursday, September 27 from NAMCO BANDAI Games today, the downloadable version of the software purchase special "SD Gundam G Generation World Over" was announced for PSP. ■ Product Code prior use "Blue Destiny Unit 1" DL version is purchase bonus!As purchase special version of DL, product code "Blue Destiny Unit 1" in "Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation" PS3 during delivery are available in the popular predecessor is granted. In addition to when HP is below the 30% "EXAM-SYSTEM" is invoked, each status is up, "Unit Blue Destiny 1", the chest machine gun of power on a par with 90mm machine gun, on the side of the enemy it is equipped with a rocket launcher, such as to induce Yoroke, armed with a powerful body and colorful. Vesting period from the launch of the purchase bonus version of DL, October 10 (Wed)to. People who want to get is, let me buy early!
■ period covered by the grant award version DL
(Wednesday) October to 10 (Thursday), September 27, 2012 ■ how period and give you the product code when you purchase the software version DL in the period, October 19 (Fri) product code will be sent to by "e-mail address that is registered at the time of acquisition Sony Entertainment Network account." ※ If you are wrong, e-mail addresses that are no longer available or has been registered, I will not be able to give you a product code. Please check the email address you have registered version Buy again after DL. ※ If you can not be receiving benefits due to the registered e-mail address wrong, is not guaranteed. Please be forewarned. ■ obtain more purchase bonus if you purchase a [1] "SD Gundam G Generation World Over", autostart entry is made. To the email address you have registered at the time of acquisition [2] Sony Entertainment Network account    product code will be sent. XMB ™ for PlayStation ® 3 from [3] (cross media bar), select the PlayStation ® Store. Select the "Enter Code Number", located at the top-right corner of the screen [4] PlayStation ® Store,    enter the 12-digit product code that was sent by e-mail. [5] to start the download, after downloading, the download list    "aircraft: LV1 Blue Destiny Unit 1" is added. ※ serial code of "Gundam Royale", "Gundam Card Collection" to download version will not be granted.Please note.

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