MSN-04S Scalebane Sazabi Custom Build

MSN-04S Scalebane Sazabi Custom Build
 by Ambrose Cheng's blog

Designing the Scalebane
The idea of Scalebane comes from of a popular online game Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game. In the story, the Scalebanes are spellcasters, commanders and the most powerful warriors among the dragonspawn race. 
Basic weaponry of this mobile suit includes a steel sword, a bow and an arrow, as were seen in the game. In this way the Scalebane retains some medieval influences. However the most powerful weapon is a pair of state-of-the-art Draconian Deflectors on the thighs. They are counter-beam weaponry capable of manipulating incoming beam shots within 270 metres for seven minutes. They can specifically deflect the shots back to the enemies as a surprise counterattack. 
Because of huge power consumption by the Draconian Deflectors, a bulky reactor is needed; this exceeds the payload of ordinary bipedal mobile suits. As a result, the mobile suit is designed as a quadruped like a centaur so that the reactor can be installed inside the belly. 
Building the Scalebane
Since Scalebane is a strong and powerful dragonspawn, the MG Sazabi and Dom models formed the core structure. HGUC Sazabi and other smaller kit parts were also used to build some detailed parts.
In my opinion, a Scalebane’s head looks too devilish in the game. Thus I changed the head design to mimic a horse’s head. Nevertheless the mono-eye system was employed in order to illustrate the fact that this mobile suit related to Sazabi. 
Had the Scalebane carried an ordinary shield, it would have difficulty in utilising bow and arrow as seen in many drawings of centaurs. After much frustration, the idea of using the bow as a shield came to me. Unfortunately the finished piece was a little bit too heavy…
I hand-painted the model using some oil painting technique, this left the painted surface with some uniquely weathered traces. Hopefully this technique could bring the model some epic feeling. 
the information above was taken from

 It was the Grand Champion of the "Dengeki King of Gunplas" back in 2008
This model was also featured in Dengeki Hobby Magazine May Issue

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