Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Thanks players

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation thanks players for two action-packed months!
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation, the PS3 online battle action game from Namco Bandai Games, has been updated on August 30th.
To celebrate two month of operation, the game is also giving away three units of energy to everyone who's played!Don't miss the patch notes!

■ 8/30 update
● Most mobile suit costs have been adjusted. Costs have increased scaling with level.
● Most mobile suit stats have been adjusted. See the official site for details.
● Most mobile suit respawn times have been adjusted.

● Most equipment stats have been adjusted. See the official site for details.

● Quick Match is now restricted to the following room comments:
 "Everyone welcome!"  "Let's chill"  "One and done"  "Friend me!"
 ※ Use Custom Match to find a game if no Quick Matches are available.
● A Block List function has been added.
 Rooms will not be displayed in search if you have blocked the host.
 Blocked players cannot join rooms you host.
 <To add to the block list>
 ・ From profile in room.
 ・ From XMB™ "Recent Players" menu.
 ※  "Recent Players" can be accessed by pressing the PS button and choosing "Friends".
 ※ Recent teammates are automatically added to the Recent Players list.
● Simple Chat is now usable after the mission ends but before results are displayed.
● The host's name is now marked when in a room.


● Player data can be backed up.
 A function has been added to back up player data to the server.
 Data can be restored from this backup if damaged.
 <To back up>
 Data will be backed up automatically when returning to the title screen.
 ※ Server stores the newest player data.
 <To restore>
 Players have the option to restore data when creating a new file.
 Data cannot be restored when a file exists.
 A short delay exists after updating backup data before it is available for download.
 ※ A short delay exists after restoring data before it can be restored again.
 ※ Data cannot be restored immediately after another restoration.
 <Restoration notes>
 ※ Paid energy which has been used will not be restored.
 ※ Limited parts which have been used will not be restored.
 ※ The backup function is not guaranteed.
  Restoration may not be possible in some cases.
● Points earned for base destruction have been adjusted.
 Points will be distributed among the successful team based on the number of players.
 ※ The player who destroyed the base will receive a bonus.
 ※ The total number of points earned has not been adjusted.
● Common (0-star) drops are now less common, and 1- and 2-star rare drops are slightly more common.
● The color of chat text has been adjusted.
● In the case of a draw, both teams now receive rewards identical to a losing team's. more at

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