ORX-009 Gundam [Sköll] Advance of Zeta series

ORX-009 Gundam [Sköll]
Developed as a transforming escort MS for the Oakland Newtype Labs' ORX-007 Hati.
To operate at full spec, it must remain within 10km of the Hati and maintain a system link.

the following information were taken from zeonic scanlations
A variable mobile suit developed at the Oakland labs as an accompanying unit for guarding the ORX-007 Hati. Although equipped with psycho wave equipment (shaman frame), in order to operate at full spec, it has to maintain a distance of approximately 10,000 meters from the Hati and has to maintain a mutual link with the system. The shield is equipped with countless close-range defense weapons. When the computer predicts the projectile impacts, a rocket is automatically fired, spreading a beam diffusing curtain. Production on a portion of the armor parts wasn’t finished in time so the unit launched in an incomplete state provided with an anti-beam coating on its nanocarbon exterior.
read more here: http://www.zeonic-republic.net/?page_id=2509

"Toki ni Aragaishi Mono" sets out to tell a different tale than the original AoZ: The Flag of Titans; the setting and story are unrelated. The Flag of Titans, which as the title implies follows a Titans officer, shares no unique characters or mecha. What the two stories do share is a grounding in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. This title follows the story of three youths in its own way.
Mechanical Design: Ryota Magaki, Fumihiro Katagai, et al
Planning: Dengeki Hobby/Sunrise
This is a collaboration between GUNDAM.INFO and Dengeki Hobby Magazine; the story is published on GUNDAM.INFO, while Dengeki Hobby contains info on the suits and how to build them yourself.
New chapters are published on GUNDAM.INFO on the 25th of each month, and typically remain freely viewable for three months. Dengeki Hobby publishes excerpts and dioramas.
information via http://en.gundam.info/topic/all/16

Gundam Kestrel VS Gundam Skoll [Sköll]
The ORX-009 Gundam [Skoll] is a mobile suit from theAdvance of Zeta: The Traitor to Destiny light novel series. It is piloted by Ernest McGuire.
information via http://en.gundam.info/topic/all/16
and http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/ORX-009_Gundam_(Skoll) 

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