Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 6 first Screenshot and concept arts

Gundam UC Episode 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows
March 2, 2013 is the screening date in Japan, also available in Zune/PlayStation Network at the same screening date
will be released in Bluray and DVD on March 22, 2013!

Limited Edition Bluray Price: 8,190 Yen
with Bonus Disc including a special jewel case sleeve
Katoki Hajime art and interviews of Gundam Unicorn Episode 6
Episode 1-5 Digest

Standard release DVD Price: 5,040 Yen
Standard release Blu-ray Price: 6,090 Yen

The "Sora to Hoshi to [Uchū to Chikyū to]" ("Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows" or literally, Space, Earth, and…) episode will debut on Saturday in 16 theaters — four more theaters than the previous episodes had. It will also stream on-demand on that date.

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theatrical release of Gundam UC episode 6 will have these cool freebies!

episode 6- first 8 minute streaming video

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 6: Trailer and promo video #2

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 6: Trailer and promo video


Bandai has recently announced a secret model kit at the GunPla Expo World Tour Japan 2012 back in December 2012, where a silhouette of Banshee is clearly seen while we were wondering why would they are releasing another one? Here's the the answer to that question. Bandai has been working on the developed Banshee called the Banshee Norn.

We will be seeing this kit in action in a form of an HGUC model kit and see it in OVA on Mid March 2013.

Price for the model kit has not yet been determined but it will probably cost around 1800-2100 Yen

see more images of Banshee Norn HERE

image from ToysDaily


Having escaped the pursuit of the Earth Federation fleet thanks to Full Frontal’s intervention, the Nahel Argama is now forced to form a joint front with the Sleeves. Frontal, hoping to learn the next coordinates for Laplace’s Box, reveals his secret plan against the Federation. Banagher and Mineva are horrified by the cruelty and callousness of the future he describes. 
Meanwhile, a lone Federation patrol ship approaches the Nahel Argama. Will they destroy the patrol ship, or dissolve their joint front with the Sleeves? Caught between friend and foe, what choice will Banagher and his comrades make?

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first screen preview of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 6
interesting shot

Angelo Sauper and YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu

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