Gundam Build Fighters Character info part 2

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Mao Yasaka
A GunPla model builder from Kyoto Japan. He has been fascinated about GunPlas ever since he was young. "He appears to be "spacey" due to his looks and Kansai dialect" (animenewsetwork 2013). He is also one of Sei's rival.

Ricardo Fellini
A representative of Italy and regular competitor to the Gundam plastic model championship, he is also known as "Italy's Dandy Man." He met with Reiji in Japan after travelling around the world. He got into hobby just because he wants to hit on girls by using Gundam plastic models, and he brags that it has 80% success rate!

Rinko Iori 
Sei's mother and husband of Takeshi Iori. In spite of being the owner of Iori's model shop she is not really knowledgeable about Gundams, so she depends on her son's knowledge about them. She is really good at cooking and her specialty is the stir-fried vegetables. 
Takeshi Iori 

Father of Sei and Rinko's Husband, he was a 2nd runner up at the second Gundam Battle World Championship Tournament. He is also the owner to the Iori Model shop that is also entrusted to his son and wife. He opened the shop so that he can improve and build more Gundam Build Fighters and travel the world with his family.

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Gonda Monta
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<info will be provided soon>

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