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ANN obtained the October issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Gundam Ace magazine on Saturday and confirmed that it said that G-Reko, the newest robot project from creator Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam, Ideon), will be "entering full-fledged production." The update on G-Reko ran in Tomino's "Oshiete Kudasai. Tomino Desu" column.

Tomino was in the middle of interviewing Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami in his column when he commented on the taxing nature of creating a work "on the level of a television series." Tomino also said that the scenario for the whole G-Reko project has been written and is currently being reevaluated. He added that he would like to draw the storyboards for the entire production, though he realizes that doing so may be impossible.

Tomino said that the "G-Reko" name was chosen in part because "the 'Gundam' name was a total nuisance when trying to develop a new kind of robot story." He noted that the "G" in the title was revealed earlier as standing for "gravity."

For the past few years, Tomino has been discussing "Hajimetai Capital G no Monogatari," a proposed text novel project which featured a space elevator. This method of ferrying objects from a planet's surface to orbit has been a plot point in such anime as The Super Dimension Century Orguss, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Tomino's own Turn A Gundam. Then, late last year, Kadokawa Shoten revealed the launch (pictured left) of Tomino's similar G-Reko project at Sunrise, the anime studio behind Gundam and Ideon.

Tomino concluded his Murakami interview by stating that he is taking a break from his Gundam Ace column, which he began in 2003. He cited the time commitment required of him for the production of G-Reko.

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Early last September, it was announced that Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino wasworking on a new SF project called G Reko. Now, the Mechadamashii web site has turned up a new magazine image regarding this mystery proejct, which Mechadamashii claims is "the new Yoshiyuki Tomino anime set over a 1000 years in the UC timeline's future".

translation of the texts in the poster by crunchyroll.com

"Here's a translation of the text that appears on the page itself, giving away lots of clues about G-Reko's staff and premise.

Bottom left:

Yoshida Kenichi
Animator, Illustrator. Entered Studio Ghibli in '90. Freelancer as of '99. Beginning with Turn A Gundam, worked on the genga production for multiple productions. Character designer for Eureka 7.
Bottom right:
"It begins here....?
Hearing Director Tomino's idea, his friend Yoshida Kenichi drew this illustration on his own. The structure is... a space elevator? Standing there is a human? Or is it...."
all of these are not yet final, since the maker doesn't answer the questions straight. stay tuned for more information."

SOURCES: Char-Senyō News , animenewsnetwork.com and crunchyroll
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