Just Finished MG Sinanju OVA ver.

I guess that this is the best MG that I've ever built after the Sinanju Stein ver. Ka. I love the overall looks of Sinanju and never realized that it would look 3x better than normal in person when painted with shiny paint stuff.

I used some prismatic paint that I got from the hobby store near my place and some kind of cheap glossy paint that I bought from hardware store. The prism paint has red and green colors that reflects one of the colors depending on the angle of the model kit.

My only problem with this kit, are the hands. It can't hold the beam rifle with bazooka installed because of the weight issue, so I had to glue it on just to make Sinanju hold it, but other than that...no more further problem.

The new inner frame really does have a big role to play on this back heavy model kit. The new frame is very light yet very strong! and I also like that it prevent its knees from bending while in standing position.


  • new inner frame holds the kit really well
  • articulation is superb. can mimic most of the anime pose
  • color separation of the molds is outstanding!
  • engineering on the beam rifle x bazooka x shield combination an transformation is amazing and sleek.
  • hands can't hold the beam rifle with bazooka installed
  • nub marks are obvious on many parts of the kit, especially on the shoulder and leg part. ***the weapons and other equipment have some really obvious nub marks that requires little sanding.

I will give this model kit, 8.5/10

I still need to setup my studio to get more action pose shots. I will update this post along with Sinanju Stein and other kits that I haven't reviewed soon.

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