Gundam BF Live Stream Report by Gundam Kits Collection [News and Screenshots]

here is the most anticipated new gundam series that we have been waiting to see!

the live stream was seen on our website

Gundam BF Stands for Gundam Build Fighters

what were your reactions?

Anime air date: October 2013

All gundams on all Gundam series will be featured in this new anime series. 

Designer: Kunio Okawara

Bandai finally announced the most anticipated and the latest Gundam series that will be airing in October 2013! 

Not only that, Bandai also announced several model kits from Gundam Wing, Gundam F91, Gundam Victory, Gundam X series that will start rolling out in September.

Gundam BF sets in Japan, where all the GunPla builders and GunPla fighters are gathered together to team up and fight in the world of Gundam Build Fighters. 

the concept is similar to the GunPla Builders Beginning series that was aired in late 2010, the series only had 3 episodes that continued in the Manga series.

Gundam BF will be featuring Gundams from all the animated Gundam series.

We are expecting more awesome announcements soon! stay tuned at

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