Japan's 1st Gundam Hotel Room to Open Near 1/1 Gundam Statue

Japan's 1st Gundam Hotel Room to Open Near 1/1 Gundam Statue

The Keikyu Corporation announced that their Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo will begin offering a Gundam-themed room for customers to stay in beginning June 29. The room is being offered in collaboration with the Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex located near the newly rebuilt 1/1 Gundam statue.

The "Room-G Special Type" suite features an Earth Federation-themed living room and and Zeon-themed bedroom, totaling 84 square meters (about 900 square feet) of space. The room will feature Gundam art on its walls, as well as Gundam-themed chairs, room keys, towels, and more. Visitors staying in the room will also be able to order from a special Gundam-themed room service menu. While the room and hotel are located near the 1/1 Gundam statue, it will not be viewable from the room.

The room will cost 26,000 yen (about US$330) a person if it is reserved for two, and 25,000 yen (about US$317) a person if it is reserved for three. Up to three individuals may stay in the room at one time, and only one-night stays in the room can be booked.

The hotel is also offering a "Room-G Standard Type" room plan, where parts of a standard 42-square-meter (about 450 square feet) room are arranged to be Gundam themed. The Standard Type room will cost 13,500 yen (about US$171) per person per night when reserved for two, and 12,500 yen (about US$158) per person per night when reserved for three.

Each room will also come with tickets for the Gundam Front complex. Reservations for the rooms will open June 11.

Starting today, Tokyo's Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel has three Gundam themed hotel rooms for the Amuro Ray in all of us.

Earlier this year, a life-sized Gundam was erected in Tokyo's Odaiba (again!), and the hotel is hoping to capitalize on the increased Gundam tourism.

Rates start at ¥27,000 (US$340), and the above video provides a tour of two rooms, including showing off the complementary amenities. Guests should free to dream of life-sized Gundam.Japanese politicians already are.

images from gundam.info
news information from animenewsnetwork

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