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In what could be an anime fan's wildest dream —or an ordinary Japanese taxpayer's nightmare —come true, Japanese politicians are thinking of building a giant bipedal robots for civil defense, much like the famous mecha in the popular Gundam anime.

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Members of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party are apparently going to discuss the idea of building a real-life Gundam in an upcoming broadcast on Japanese video platform Nico Nico Live, tech site Kotaku.com reported.

"These politicians probably do not mean they want to make a 60-foot tall, 43.7 metric ton Gundam replica ... but instead, large mecha contraptions that could be used by, presumably, the country's Self Defense Force," Kotaku.com said.

According to the site, Tadamori Oshima and Bunmei Ibuki, members of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, are slated to discuss biped robots and now the LDP is "seriously considering the development of Gundam."

But it also pointed out that in an age of drone attacks - the Gundam franchise started in 1979 - mecha "don't exactly seem ideal on the battlefield."

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Gundamkits  4 hours ago

I love collecting GunPla models but Gundam would really scare if this really comes to life. In my humble opinion, we do not need them. Models and statues are enough, peace on Earth!


The Liberal Democratic Party, a center-right faction in Japanese politics, will hold a live, 12-hour marathon stream on the niconico service on Thursday, and one of the marathon's panels will discuss "the Gundam Development Project, as seriously considered by the Liberal Democratic Party."

Masaaki Taira and Hideki Niwa, two members of Japan's House of Representatives, will speak during the 8:00 p.m. panel with their guest, novelist Harutoshi Fukui. Fukui happens to be the writer of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC novels (pictured below right).

Taira reported last year that his party would consider adding the efforts to realize "piloted, two-legged walking humanoidrobots" into the party's platform manifesto. Taira also posted an extended discussion about the feasibility of piloted walking robots on Twitter, using the anime and manga titlesGundam, Appleseed, and Patlabor (pictured left) as examples. Taira broached the topic after meeting with Katsuya Kanaoka, a professor of robotics from Kyoto University.

In 2008, SciencePortal.jp, a website run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), released a report estimating how much it would cost to build a 18-meter-tall (59-feet-tall), functioning "Morph-X" combat robot similar to those used in Gundam. The Japanese government funds about 90% of JST's budget, with the remaining coming from the agency's own operational income.

The Technical Research and Development Institute in Japan's Ministry of Defense included a ground equipment exhibit titled "Towards the Realization of Gundam (Advanced Personal Equipment System)" in a defense technology symposium in October of 2007. Earlier that very same month, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture reprimanded six of its employees for editing the Japanese Wikipedia encyclopedia article onGundam during work hours; a spokesperson explained that the "Ministry of Agriculture is not in charge of Gundam."

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