Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation for PS3 - ingame screenshots continuation

up to 6v6 players online

Famitsu has a blowout on Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, a free to play downloadable Gundam game for PlayStation 3. This game is a six on six team Gundam game where you side with either the Federation or Zeon. While mobile suits are blasting each other with beam rifles, you can also run around on foot as a pilot. Pilots can sneak into enemy territory, place bombs, and blow up an opponent’s base. As a pilot, you get a rocket launcher to target kneecaps and can also repair mechs.

Namco Bandai says players will be able to customize mobile suits to be well rounded, snipers or melee mechs. The game even has a grappling system for players that want to get up close and personal. When you tackle another player you press a button and if the defending player presses the same button they can escape. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation also has a cover system for players that prefer guns to metal fists.

Winners receive parts to customize their mech and pilot after battle. Famitsu has screenshots of those, but do not say if Namco Bandai plans on selling additional parts as paid downloadable content. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation goes live at the end of June when the game is available for PSN.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation men of war
Release Date: Late June 2012
Closed beta Begins on March 29 - 31st
Price: free [further announcement later]
Platform: PlayStation 3

Gundam Ground Type
 GM Cannon
 GM Light Armor
 Zaku Cannon

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