Bandai Hobby Online Shop Limited: MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee [final battle version] review by GKC

     First of all I want to thank GGinfinite for giving me this model kit :), I really enjoyed building it! specially when I was applying the decals. This is a limited version of banshee with Green Psycho Frame, this version was based from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Novel that appeared in the final battle.

     I top coated it with gloss finish to make it more appealing to the eye, because I feel that the plain plastic is not enough and not so "limited edition" looking  yet ^_^. 

     The kit came with gold plated decals, I didn't use all of them because they are too many to apply and too much for the kit, and also because I am planning to use the left over decals on the other Banshees I have.

     Articulation is not that great if you are after the articulation, Ver. Ka model kits are rather free stand than articulated, however the kit looks great specially under the "BLACK LIGHT" A.K.A. UV light. The Green Psycho Frame of the banshee reacts with the UV light and produces beautiful bright blue light.

     All the parts were molded from the previous release MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam ver. ka, there are also lots of left over parts that you can use for your own purposes if you want. they have provided a Gold Plated runner for the banshee horns, face piece and neck part.

     Overall I am very impressed with the outcome of the whole kit! it looks really accurate and stunning!

If you have more questions please feel free to comment, and I am glad to add the answer in this post!

I forgot to open the crotch >.<

Thanks for viewing!

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