1/72 Char's Zaku II [ Mechanics Model ] review by gundamkits

1/72 Char's Zaku II [ Mechanics Model ] 

      I have been searching this model kit for a long time, This kit was released back in 1983! that is 6 years older than me. The kit is very good for display only, it doesn't have much articulation. A model figure that has a base to stand to make it look more appealing to the eye :)

      The kit needs gluing and it might get annoying for you to build it because most of the parts keep falling down especially the armor pieces. It has lots of wires for detail purposes. I didn't do any paint job for the kit yet, I really like to paint this kit ASAP because there are too many seam lines due to the age of the kit ^_^.

      The kit supposed to have LED, but it didn't come with any! I will need to go buy at least three 3 volts LED to make the model kit light.

      I should say that I am pretty happy that I bought this kit. It was sold for 2,500 Yen and I am glad that I got it for almost the same price from Ebay! Now I am looking for the 1/72 RX-78-2 Gundam, and I wonder if I will get it anytime soon.

after the day I reviewed this, I bought some LED from electronic shop ^_^
then here it is in action!

Thanks for viewing!



  1. Did your instructions come in english? Im having some troubles building mine

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