Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I just found this list over the rangerboards forum.

This list gives you all the Gundam Markers available

GM01-Black Fine Tip
GM02-Gray Fine Tip
GM03-Brown Fine Tip
GM09-Light Green
GM13-Medium Grey
GM14-Bright Pink
GM15-Bright Green
GM16-Metal Red
GM17-Metal Blue
GM18-Metal Green
GM19-Metal Purple
GM20-Black Brush Tip- Panel Marker
GM21-Grey Brush Tip -Panel Marker
GM22-Metal Grey (Gundam Marker - Basic Set)
GM23 Gundam CG Yellow (Gundam Marker Set- G-Generation- GMS106)
GM24 Gundam Arms Gray (Gundam Marker Set- G-Generation- GMS106)
GM25 Gundam Meta Light Green (Gundam Marker Set- G-Generation- GMS106)
GM26 Gundam EX Dark Gray (Gundam Marker Set- G-Generation- GMS106)
GM27 Gundam CG Red (Gundam Marker Set- G-Generation- GMS106)
GM28-Mud Brown (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM29-Soot Black (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM30-Rust Red (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM31-Sand Brown (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM32-Burnt Iron (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM33-Silver (Gundam Marker - Weathering Set)
GM34-Char Pink (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM35-Char Red (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM36-Zaku Dark Green (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM37-Zaku Light Green (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM38-Phantom Grey (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM39-Zeon Grey (Gundam Marker - Zeon Set)
GM40 SEED Red (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM41 SEED Yellow (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM42 SEED White (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM43 SEED Blue (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM44 SEED Grey (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM45 SEED Dark Grey (Gundam SEED Basic Set)
GM46-Gundam Red (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM47-Gundam Yellow (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM48-Gundam Black (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM49-Gundam White (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM50-Gundam Fluorescent Pink (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM51-Gundam Metallic Green (Gundam Marker - Ultra Fine Set)
GM52 SD Gundam Gold (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set)
GM53 SD Gundam Silver (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set)
GM54 SD Gundam Red (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set)
GM55 Yellow chisel tip (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set)
GM56 Grey chisel tip (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set) 
GM57 Meta Green pointed tip (SD Gundam Force Basic Marker Set)
GM58 SEED Destiny White (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM59 SEED Destiny Red (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM60 SEED Destiny Blue (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM61 SEED Destiny Light Blue (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM62 SEED Destiny Yellow (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM63 Shadow Black (Gundam SEED Destiny Set)
GM64 SEED Destiny Gold (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM65 SEED Destiny Green (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM66 SEED Destiny Light Green (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM67 SEED Destiny Pink (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM68 SEED Destiny Red(2) (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM69 Phantom Grey (Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)
GM70-Blue (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM71-Dark Grey (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM72-Slate Grey (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM73-Grey (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM74-Yellow (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM75-Red (Gundam Marker Zeta set)
GM76 00 blue (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)
GM77 00 white (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)
GM78 00 yellow (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)
GM79 00 red (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)
GM80 00 violet (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)
GM81 00 grey (GMS117 Gundam Marker Gundam 00 Set)

GM 155Metallic Red
GM154 Metallic Green
GM153Metallic Blue
GM152 Metallic Silver
GM151 Metallic Gold

GM100-Chrome Silver
GM200-Chrome Gold


GM23-GM28 (GMS 106 Gundam G)
GM29-GM33 (GMS 107 Weathering Set)

GM35-GM39 (GMS 108 Gundam Zeon)

GM40-GM45 (GMS 109 Gundam Seed Basic)

GM46-GM51 (GMS 110 Ultra-Fine)

GM52-GM57 (GMS 111 SD Gundam Force)

GMS 112 Real Touch Marker 1

GMS 113 Real Touch Marker 2

GM58-GM63 (GMS 114 Gundam SEED Destiny)

GM64-GM69 (GMS 115 Gundam SEED Destiny Set 2)

GM70-GM75 (GMS 116 Gundam Zeta)

GM76-GM81 (Gundam 00)

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