Gundam AGE (gaiden) side story manga

The next issue of bi-monthly Shonen Sunday Super features an official side story to the Gundam AGE anime by Hiroshi Nakanishi, Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE: Tsuioku no Shido.

Release Date: TBA

The space pirates "Visidian" have taken advantage of war to extend their power. Their leader's son, Weebick, is ordered to come up a strategy to find a treasure Visidian has been looking for for some time, but when he infiltrates a certain asteroid in pursuit, who should be lying in wait but federation veteran Lagran Drace's platoon! As their battle begins a huge mysterious mobile suit shows up, but what kind of suit? And what is the treasure?

Hiroshi Nakanishi is the same mangaka who debuted with the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Story of the Beginning. He received a newcomers award for his work Death Zombie.

The issue of Shonen Sunday Super containing Tsuioku no Shido goes on sale January 25th in Japan. A limited edition "Age-2 Normal" Mobile Suit Gundam: Tri Age game card comes packed in.
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