Gundam AGE 2nd generation PLOT

Release Date: January 29, 2012


The battle heads into a new era.

Flit’s son Asemu Asuno. He inherits the Gundam from his father and takes a stand against an overwhelming enemy, Weigand. Amidst the increasingly violent battle, will the camaraderie, the lives of the young ones fleetingly disappear? Chapter 2 of the Gundam story continues.

Veigans: A new nation brought about by those left behind in the Mars sphere because of a failed migration plan. In order to take back paradise called “Earth”, those under the pressure of living in a cruel environment have undertaken a large plan.

A.G. 140: Twenty-five years have passed, the Gundam has been passed down into a new era. The war between the Earth Federation and former UE (now called Veigans) has yet to end. Federation Forces commander Flit Asuno has entrusted the AGE Device to his 17 year old son for his birthday. After wards, the colony Tordia where Asemu and co are living comes under attack by Veigans. In order to protect the people of the colony from them, he activates the hidden Gundam. Zeheart Galet is a mysterious young man who enrolls in Asemu’s school. Upon their meeting, their fates become intertwined…

A.G.141: With school life complete, Asemu enlists in the Earth Federation Forces. There, he continues the fight piloting the new Gundam AGE-2.

Asemu Asuno: As Flit’s son, he’s a member of a mobile suit club.

Zeheart Galette: As one of Veigans, he’s the pilot of the Zedas R. His true intentions are hidden, he enrolls in Asemu’s school.

Romary Stone: Classmate of Asemu. School idol.

Macile & Shawie: Asemu’s classmates.

Flit Asuno: Commander of the Earth Federation Forces headquarters Big Ring. Asemu’s father.

Arglass: Staff officer at Big Ring.

Millais Alloy: Earth Federation Forces Commander. Captain of the Diva.

Woolf Enneacle: Lieutenant Commander in the Earth Federation Forces. Pilot of the G-Bouncer.

Dique Gunhale: Diva mechanic.

Alisa: Pilot of the Federation Forces mass production unit Adele.

Max: Pilot of the Federation Forces mass production unit Adele.

Albright: Pilot of the Federation Forces Genoace II.

Emily Asuno: Asemu’s mother.

Vargas: Asemu’s great-grandfather.

information from zeonic scanlation

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