Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Okay, so this is the continuation of my Gundam X series kits reviews! these kits came all the way back from 1996! so they don't have much of articulation but they are packed with good quality plastics and details on the kit.
I recently got my LM (Limited Model) G Falcon from Ebay
I am really impressed on both kits! so get them now before its too late :)


Pros: (#07 NG (NO GRADE)1/144 GX-9901 Gundam Double X)
  • Very good model kit, in terms of accurate molds and design
  • easy to snap together parts
  • no weight issues
  • the articulation is okay, limited poses can be made but still a good point for a 1996 model kit.
  • very nice quality of plastic
Cons: (#07 NG (NO GRADE)1/144 GX-9901 Gundam Double X)
  • there are some problems with the shoulder pegs, the arms keeps going back to vertical position when trying to pose it in different direction.
  • other parts are hard cut from runner.
  • the cannon supports doesn't fit well with the cannons and it keeps coming off.

Pros: 1/144 LM G Falcon
  • super hard plastic! very good quality (it feels like resin)
  • no need for tools when trying to pull the parts from the runner
  • easy to build.
  • no weight issues even if it's too heavy for Double X Gundam
Cons: 1/144 LM G Falcon
  • only provided white molds
  • some parts keep falling off
  • some parts needs glue
  • super heavy (3X the weight of the Double X Gundam)

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  1. OMG!!! 1/144 G falcon, I never knew such kit exist >.>

  2. Hey yo,

    Is the 1/144 GX-9901 Gundam Double X plus 1/144 LM G Falcon Review by your selling?

    I want to buy two.

    I want to asking you where do you come from?

    I come from Germany and I'am the Gundam Collector to my Gundam Collections.

    I collect Gundams from G Gundam, Gundam Wing and now I collect rare Gundam as LM Limited Model from Gundam.

    I want the two Gundams for my collection.

    I will to buy the Gundams.

    How do you want to give me?

    Please send me the answer under my E-Mail adress: [email protected]

    I've been waiting for your message.

    Thanks for the advice and I've been waiting for your message.

    Best regrads,

    Falcon Punch

  3. Hello,

    Do you have only one 1/144 LM G-Falcon?

    I want to buy it.

    Send me a message under my E-Mail adress: [email protected]

    Thanks for the advice and I've been waiting for your message.

    Best regrads,


    1. I only have one g-falcon but you can try ebay :)
      here;s the link http://goo.gl/OzEmxc