Thursday, November 10, 2011
hello there ancient Gundam Fans! today I am going to review my 1/144 NG (No Grade) Zetaplus C1 Gundam from Gundam Sentinel 2 series back in year 1988! pretty old yes? it is one year older than me! wow, well let's begin.

  • The articulation is ok, the head can be moved like today's kits, which is impressive for a 1988 model kit! legs can be bend 180 degrees.
  • It comes with transparent sticker decals! another great point for an old kit.
  • the kit provided only two colors which are blue and gray.
  • no stickers for the eye, I am kind of happy about that.
  • it is transformable!!!, very good mechanism when transforming the kit into wave rider mode.

  • weight issues found when in standing position. but you if you can manage to make it stand, it will stand forever.
  • other parts are off when trying to put them together.
  • needs some super gluing/cementing some parts, like the wing part.
  • plastic quality is really cheap, it will leave horrible white mess when pulled out from the runner. you will need a little bit of sanding too.

well here are the photos!
sorry about the size comparison part of wave rider mode. I lost my E3 and D19 parts of the HGUC Gundam Zeta so I can't transform it for now, but I am pretty sure that Zetaplus C1 is longer because of its cannon.

you can also convert this kit into Zetaplus A1 color scheme, but you will need to improvise other parts, like the cannon and shield.

Thanks for viewing! stay tuned for more photos.