Gundam RX-78-2 Inflatable Shield Pool Float/ life saver buoy - review by gundamkitscollection

I want to share my new Gundam goody that I got from eBay couple of days ago. It arrived to me faster than I expected and I am so happy about it. This inflatable shield or let's say your summer life saver buoy! I am so excited to pair it up with the RX-78-2 Water Gun Beam Rifle too.

Well...the whole thing is about 30 bucks tax and shipping included. I've been seeing this item on eBay for years but didn't bother taking it when it was at 20 bucks sigh...anyway I am really impressed on the over all looks of it. It's good for collection and very useful too! 

The inflatable shield has a handle at the back for safer use and to be used as a shield if you want to take picture with it. It also has a strap that lets you equip it on your back for portability and they made that in purpose because the Gundam can equip its shield at the back.

you can buy HERE

overall size is 36 in.or 3 ft.

I used my air compressor to stuff it with air. It was really helpful and it took like 2-3 minutes to fill up the whole shield.

safety precautions:

  • don't ever blow it with your mouth.
  • watch it while you are filling it up if you are using automatic compressors.

here are size comparison to GunPla boxes and standard outlet.

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