Gundam RX-78-2 Inflatable Shield Pool Float

I want to share my new Gundam goody that got from eBay a few days ago. It arrived quicker than I expected and I'm very happy with it. This inflatable shield or let's say your summer lifebuoy! Very excited to pair it with the RX-78-2 Water Gun Beam Rifle as well.

Well...the whole thing costs about $30 including tax and shipping. I've been looking at this item on eBay for years but didn't bother to buy it when it was $20. Anyway, I'm really impressed with the overall appearance. It is a good addition to my collection and will for sure use it in the summer.

The inflatable shield has a hard plastic handle on the back, making it easier to carry around, OR carry it like a shield when you want to take a picture with it. It also has a strap that also always for easy carrying.

The overall height of the shield is about 36 inches or 3 feet.

I used my air compressor to fill it with air. It was really helpful and it took about less than a minute to fill the entire shield.

here are size comparison to GunPla boxes and standard outlet.

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