Saturday, October 08, 2016
MODELER: Chemicalist (IG chemicalist_gunpla)
OZ-15AGX Hydra Gundam [Detailed]
MODIFICATION TYPE: Custom parts, custom panel line, custom paint job, custom decals
KIT USED: HG 1/144 Hydra Gundam


"This has to be the most challenging build I've done to date. I started work on this last June 22, 2016, and finally wrapped up on October the 3rd. Older kits have the unfortunate distinction of having more rudimentary engineering, unimpressive articulation, horrible-looking seam lines, and very minimal parts separation. Add to this the fact that I performed a number of modifications to it and tried out new painting techniques on it, it's no mystery how long this build took while I was juggling real life alongside it.
It would do good for a lot of modelers today to experience kits like this. Today, we're very spoiled by how good Bandai engineers new kits (particularly the Revive and Iron-Blooded Orphans lines) that we can churn out completed builds in days. This 19-year old kit needed masking upon masking, copious amounts of handpainting, and plenty of sleepless nights. Even now as I show it to you, it isn't perfect by any measure, and I don't even think the techniques I applied are all that apparent.
I'm just happy it's over. The journey has been an absolute pleasure.
Hail Hydra."


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