Thursday, September 29, 2016
I have tried the P-Bandai international delivery service and I must say that I am quite impressed on how fast the package arrived to my door.

Well, we all know that it is really disappointing to see P-Bandai is getting more releases than regular kits. Anyway, having this international delivery method,  people outside Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong will be able to get SOME of Premium Bandai goodness without additional costs [except for shipping].

The first item that they had was the RG 1/144 Trans-am Raiser [Gloss Injection] that was of course sold for its regular Japanese Yen price. I used From Japan for the method, and the kit arrived for about 7 business days after they got the stock on their distributor's warehouse.


I am really looking forward to see more of the previous Premium Bandai releases getting stock on their international delivery service. 


  1. That's pretty cool.
    How do the prices compare with buying from like Gentei Kits, eBay, Plamoya, or Nippon Yasan?
    Oh and great choice getting RG 00 Raiser Trans Am version.
    How come Bandai never made the Trans Am version of the HG, RG, and MG 00 QanT?