Saturday, September 24, 2016
On the 56th All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2016, Bandai revealed the release of the MG 1/100 GM Sniper II in January 2017.

With the 2 kits, Reborn 100 Efreet and MG GM Sniper II already have their place in 1/100 scale GunPla series, we are looking forward to see the much awaited Kshatriya in 1/100 scale as well!

Poster image by Bandai from their previous event
RE/100 Bawoo is not on the candidate list but Bandai will be releasing it in November 2016

Reborn 100 series is another amazing GunPla line by Bandai that caters variety of Mobile Suits from different Gundam universe. The series' goal is to provide modelers a 1/100 version of a mobile suit in a much cheaper but with competitive details compare to master grade kits. 

*Lined up on this series are the mobile suits that are larger than the regular ones that are going to be more expensive when lined up in MG series.


  1. Gaia and Reborns need an MG release.

  2. Kshatriya, Gaia and Reborns needs an MG.... they have an AWESOME unique structure and gimik