Sunday, September 11, 2016
Final results are up for the "Which next Mobile Suit gundam UC series would you like to see" poll twitted by the official Unicorn Gundam official twitter account on Saturday [September 10, 2016].

Out of 43,878 votes, Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam got the most votes with 39% as final result. We'll see more news about the next UC series on the upcoming events if they are really going to release a full animated adaptation for the Crossbone Gundam. Stay tuned for more info!

To spice things up, here's a fanmade opening theme video of Crossbone Gundam by WIPP ER


  1. I wonder if they're going to do 2.0s for the MG Crossbone series. I guess they would call it "Anime Version" or "OVA Version".

  2. Get ready for RG crossbone. Like they did to rg sinanju after unicorn remake to anime ver.

  3. Let's say Sunrise does push through with a Crossbone Gundam anime (TV series, OVA, or movie), wouldn't it be better to go with a proper TV series Gundam F91 first? Since the original plans for the movie was a 39-episode series, it makes more sense that this one goes first.

    Sunrise was able to turn Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn into a proper TV series (and a surprisingly good one), so I don't see any issue with doing this to F91 as well. :)

  4. But has crossbone gundam got an anime or anything yet like F91.... no so i would say let crossbone have a chance its popular so why not make it into a anime