1. Bandai running out of brilliant ideas. It got "exclusive" just because of the "special coating"? I mean, seriously?

    1. I dunno. From what I can tell, this "special coating" looks like it will be the same one used on the MG Freedom 2.0 Special Coating version where there are hints of silver panel lines drawn on the parts. I'm not a fan of this "special coating". But including the Launcher/Sword 2.0 packs is a slap in the face after they made those originally a P-Bandai as well. This is probably Bandai really running out of ideas and just quickly hashing together yet another Premium Bandai hoping that mindless consumers will buy it. I have nothing against P-Bandai releases, but when they do a lazy release like this, it irks me.

    2. I guess because originally the kit for turning the RM Strike into Perfect Strike was also a P-Bandai release.