Tuesday, December 08, 2015
Modeler: Anazasi Custom
Kit Used: 1/100 MG Hi Nu GUNDAM ver 1.0
                            Metal parts, Thrusters, Photo etched detail parts, Green Reflector stickers, Stainless rod

It's been a while since I worked on Gunplas again. So here's what I have been doin lately. I have been working with 4 different types of resin kits. There's 2 full resin and 2 conversion kits. This one however is a restoration project. The kit was prepainted before so I have to stripped it all down. I applied new and bright colors palletes on this and also add in some metal parts in the process. The resin casts is still quite good I dont have any trouble on re fitting the parts even when it was soaked and washed with paint strippers.

Colors used were Mr. Hobby color Cobalt Blue, Orange yellow, Cool white, Light gray ,Off White, GX RED GOLD, Alclad Chrome silver, Metallic silver for the pistons, Clear Red, Gunmetal and Dark gray 2. I also added a few batches of metal parts and photo etched details. The main funnel joints are connected with 5mm thick stainless steel rod to secure it in place. Manipulators used are custom manipulators with poseable fingers. Decals came from Rokku Decals while some are personally custom made by yours truly.


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