Sunday, November 22, 2015
Ifan Cuistanto has posted this article a couple of days ago, during the event of GunPla Builders World Cup [GBWC] 2015, an unfortunate thing happened to one of the entries of the said event.

A hot spot light fell on one of the entries and melted its left side, the first time you will see the picture, you will think that this is just a diorama, with heavily damaged GunPla. But nope!

Images by Ifan Cusianto

On the bright side, the modeler have been compensated with a Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn Gundam!


  1. that's a pretty good battle damage if that was done intentionally LOL

  2. looked pretty good :D all you need is another gundam model that about to assault it and boom you got ur shot a good one :D.

  3. HAppened to me exactly with such kind of led and melted half of the beam cannon of the PG Astray, su I changed it for a cooler light... also melt a part of a zaku I trying to speed up the drying of the paint. :(