1. I am surprised that Bandai would do the RG Astray Red Frame and then an RG for Infinite Justice. I suppose they would have to also do an RG for Aegis as well as the 3 Impulse suits (Force, Sword, Blast) as well eventually?

    But really. I'm just waiting for RG 00 Qan[T] and also RGs for the Wing series.

    1. An update..


      If you go there, they don't have any mention of RG Infinite Justice.

      Google translate a section from the site...

      " ... ※ is the MS body sold separately.
      · RG Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · RG Justice Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · RG Strike Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HGCE Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG Justice Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG R15 Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG R14 Justice Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG Strike Freedom Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · HG Infinite Justice Gundam (over-the-counter commodity)
      · RG Freedom Gundam di active mode (Premium Bandai goods sold)
      · RG Justice Gundam di active mode (Premium Bandai goods sold) ... "

  2. I have a translator and it said real grade Infinite Justice