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    1. You really think this will be a P-Bandai release? I guess so, but I was hoping they would release the remaining MGs from Wing soon so like:

      - Altron EW
      - Heavyarms Kai EW
      - Sandrock Kai EW

      ...and also a new Wing Gundam Zero EW and a new Wing Gundam EW. They can call those 2 Glory of Loser version.

    2. suiton called it and he's right! go suiton!

    3. It was kind of obvious based on the fact that we got P-Bandai for Tallgeese 2 and Tallgeese 3. And now that MG Altron EW is P-Bandai probably the Heavyarms Kai EW and Sandrock Kai EW will end up being P-Bandai too. Just hoping that those 2 come with the clown mask thing and the cloak thing like they did in the movies...if not then whatever.

      What I'm more interested to see is the Wing EW and Wing Zero EW...Like if they would get a GOTL version which essentially would be a 2.0 of the EW kits that we have now but with the GOTL name attached to it to prevent any confusion between product names.

    4. They don't need one -_- get that on your head.