Saturday, December 10, 2011
One of the only gunpla too not have a massive bagpack. this allows the exia to be posed on a level surface without falling or on a stand sideways upside down, etc
The "new material" which in the anime is a conductor for GN particles refracts light and creates a rainbow when tilted. this material also allows the inner mechanism of the leg to be seen to much appreciation of its inner working.
its overall design is very original turning more sleek and humanoid while achieving great flexibility.

  • A magnificent inner frame. it's a miracle that the inner frame for the chest is hollow to accommodate for the GN Drive yet it's design still allows the chest to swivel 
  • The creative inner frame adds to its high articulation capability while maintaining sturdy. 
  • Knee joints foot joints shoulder jointsand elbow joints are fairly strong meaning the weapons don't sag
  • Lightweight very very lightweight. it can be turned upside down when connected to a base and it wont fall 

  • Weapons appear larger than in anime(depends when you like it or not) it contrasts the sleek design of the exia 
  • The GN sword and Shield tends to fall off since arm slot is shallow. this is also due to their size. making the weapons too big also interferes with its mobility (i dont like the shield at all its too big and just falls off when trying to pose)
  • Hip joint design is pretty retarded. when GN long/short-blade is inserted into the pegs in the hips, they interfere with the leg's articulation. rear armor.
  • The transparent material on the shoulders has a limited flexibility, this material acts like a spring and tends to push down the arms or disconnect shoulder armor. 
  • Low articulation on head (and arms when GN sword or shield is attached)
  • some pegs can be lose(hips, chest vent, parts of the head connector for GN sword and Shield)
Thanks for viewing!


  1. Can i ask a few question?Is the weapon like GN-blade all those colour coated in silver when u bought them?Also what u mean by the chest is hollow?Doesn't it come with a GN-drive?