Thursday, November 24, 2011
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Send celebration Bandai collectibles for adults "TAMASHII NATION 2011", but tomorrow, November 25 (Friday) will be held from Akihabara UDX. Admission is 500 yen each day (including tax). In the hall "SHFiguarts" represented by the "arts" series focusing on, "SIC" and "Saint Cloth Myth," the largest expansion in the volume of historical figures, including items such systems. Of course, "Soul ROBOT" and "METAL BUILD", "Super Robot Chogokin" Even items such as a robot system has been announced many new exhibits. I continue to report the pattern of events around the Gundam items, let me check in preparation for tomorrow's production! soul ROBOT

■ Banshii <SIDE MS> Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 ROBOT Soul Exhibit 
"Mobile Suit Gundam UC" appeared on "Banshii" was exhibited as early as the helpful spirit of ROBOT.
■ Custom soul <SIDE MS> by Alan ROBOT products web shop orders soul (scheduled ships in April 2012) / ¥ 6,090 (tax included) 
and his new project with soul Katokihajime NATION "Ka signature" is first of commercialization, " Gundam UC "showed outstanding performance in episode 4" by Alan Custom ". Mr. Katoki toy action has continued to produce more than 10 years, it poured without stint items expertise accumulated so far.
(Left) ■ <SIDE MS> Guncannon ROBOT soul detector Prototype (right) ■ I ​​· Sniper Type Zaku <SIDE MS> ROBOT Spirits Exhibit as "Gundam UC" which appeared in episode 4 "Cannon Gun Detector" and "Zaku Sniper Type I ·" Even, "Ka signature" was exhibited as a reference for the project item.

■ Spirits Gundam Unicorn <SIDE MS> ROBOT (Destroy Mode) full action ver. 
  Blacklight corresponding specification Prototype 
The fluorescent paint was sprayed onto and around the Psycho frame in the movie in black to shed light "leaking from the armor Such brilliance "is reproduced.

■ <SIDE MS> ROBOT soul ν Gundam prototype of 
"Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" machine more popular star of "ν Gundam" appeared to be ripe? "Fin Funnel" fidelity images even in the play. I hope badly commercialized.

■ AGE soul <SIDE MS> ROBOT-1 Gundam Normal  / JPY 3,150 will be released December 2011 (s)
■ <SIDE MS> GUNDAM ROBOT-1 Titus AGE soul / JPY 3,675 will be released in January 2012 (s)
■ <SIDE MS> GUNDAM ROBOT-1 Sparrow AGE soul / JPY 3,360 will be released in February 2012 (tax included) 
■ <SIDE MS> Gafuran ROBOT soul / ¥ 3,675 will be released December 2011 (s) 
of broadcast popular "Mobile AGE Suit Gundam "also from the Soul series, one after-market ROBOT!

(Left) ■ <SIDE MS> Buster Gundam Soul ROBOT / ¥ 3,990 will be released March 31, 2012 (s) (right)■ <SIDE MS> ROBOT soul Duel Gundam prototype of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" from "Buster Gundam" and "Duel Gundam" line-ROBOT is the soul. With a huge barrel "Ultra High Impulse long-range sniper rifles" Buster構Eru not, just like a major force in the play.

▼ Metalbuild
■ Freedom Gundam Metalbuild / ¥ 15,750 will be released March 31, 2012 (approx.) 
"GFF METAL COMPOSITE" PVC toy robot developed expertise gained in the series, and put a generous three-dimensional "METAL BUILD" bullet latest series "Freedom Gundam ". 
"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" operation supervised by the superintendent Chifumeka Satoshi Shigeta, "moving transformation" is being developed with director welcomed the recent topics Yoichi Sakamoto He has his prototype products utilizing a gimmick thing.

■ ARMOR PROJECT GIRLS Gundam Wing (Version EW) Prototype
"armor" × "girl" was the theme of the new brand "ARMOR GIRLS PROJECT". Pretty as a combination of MS "Girls MS" series was exhibited.

■ I II Gundam SDX King / ¥ 7,875 web shops will order in the soul (s)
■ Burning SDX Knight Gundam F91 products web shop orders soul (scheduled for February 2012 ships) / ¥ 5,985 (tax included)
SDX series and new items were presented one after another. Orders scheduled to start in the web shop Soul "Gundam King II" Besides, "Alex Knight", "Double Zeta fighters" clear that the development has started.

▼ Shfiguarts
■ Undefeated of the East SHFiguarts prototype of 
the sale, "Domon Kash," a teacher of "Undefeated of the East" is finally "SHFiguarts" on! When it is commercialized, the tile it all means decorate items.

▼ Products Commemorative Event
■ Metalbuild Gundam Double O (Trans-riser) / ¥ 18,000 products Commemorative Event (s)

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