Monday, September 19, 2011
Official magazine series covering the complete visual oeuvre Gundam series' Gundam Perfect file Weekly "
will be release this September 20, 2011 in Japan
The first issue is a special price 290 yen (tax included),
No. 2 since 590 yen (tax included).
Released every Tuesday.

This series composed of the first TV anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam" from the latest "Gundam UC", "Gundam AGE Suit" (scheduled to begin broadcasting September 10), Gundam series spans over 30 years Gundam world depicted in magnificent oeuvre, a thorough explanation from various angles over a total of about 5,000 pages total No. 180.
Theatrical addition, OVA, Model, and games, all fully cover a wide variety of Gundam World "perfect file" worthy to be called, said the official magazine series. In the magazine page full color all the "mechanic files", "World Guide", "Personal Profile", "Timeline," "Glossary Gundam", "Gundam Topics" chapter six, the mobile suit compelling each series and characters, introduced in detail and drawn down by many new illustrations and visuals. World and its combat record of the incident, Confidential valuable production staff, MSV did not appear in the video works (Mobile Suit Variations), including a variety of perspectives Gundam World charm, exhaustively described.

Gundam Perfect file weekly
fixed price: 290 yen a special inaugural issue price (including tax) Price 590 yen after the issue of ordinary / 2 (s)
correlation ratio: September 20, 2011
published form: Every Tuesday release
determine the type: modification size A4 (36 pages)
sold: bookstores nationwide (except for some areas), at HP Japan Agostini
Binder: Price 590 yen (one set / tax / into two books)
in the first issue free binder ※ (one book) is attached
to the book binder ※ 1, or a file about 10 minutes magazine issue do not take credits on any of these information!

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